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Irina V. Mitchell

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 About CEO, Concept creator & Owner Irina Mitchell


I always had a love for fashion and art. At age 26 I created my first extremely successful and highly publicized: Kaleidoscope Boutique, Philadephia Old City 151 North 3rd Street, soon after my vision was executed: I had high-end stores; who were  "leaders in field", following my example/concepts.My original vision can't be duplicated as I have a unique point of view in the existing market. Solicited by a professor at University of Pennsylvania I began teaching  Wharton graduate classes: on my business strategy, branding marketing, conceptual ideas (solicited by the school because of my ground breaking  & Innovation/Success within the marketplace). Portfolio link to press and Kaleidoscope concepts will be posted shortly. I was also doing Celebrity Styling (portfolio to be featured on this website). 

I would style concepts for my store windows with themes and artistic displays that quickly started generating a lot of attention. I was extremely hands on and detailed in the management of my brand.

 I became good friends with some top name designers the fashion industry; and would get product not available to anyone else- that plus my artful approach to fashion styling led me to: "Celebrity Styling". Editorial styling (Fashion Magazine quickly noticed my unique perspective and I was featured as creative director and stylist in several publications) (full portfolio to be available soon). My personal, celebrity styling, and editorial projects led me to close the clothing boutique, as they became my main focus. Since I did all the Branding, from logo to advertising, to buying product, working with high end clients I found it hard at the time to focus on both projects. 

I believe Fashion is Art and Im actually an artist as well I had a sold out show at Anthony Bridell Art gallery. My degree is actually in Marketing. Next came two fashion designers who were unknown and didn't know how to market themselves so I quickly learned Brand Managment; as I was already doing it for myself and Kaleidoscope Boutique. I discovered one client in young designers' showcase at Philadephia Fashion week, with my help she became a household name now sold in  of super high end shops and Featured on Bravo Tv show "Styled To Rock" Autumn Kielponglert. 

After and during my brand management of designer I was asked to be the Fashion Director for MergeArts, a company promoting Fashion, art and music in one event. I was responsible for all runway/Fashion segments, selecting 8 designers, boutiques per show case, organizing the runway, styling each designers boutiques show case, and coming up with hair , make up concepts to create cohesive looks and elevate to hair and make up staff. Conceptualizing a theme for each feature of 8-sement runway. Runway coordination. Also Press, solicitation of sponsorship that would fit with the our audience demographic (those pictures will be featured in portfolio under Brand Managment). 

My new adventure/venture combines all things I love most about art and fashion, through my experience in every aspect of it. FashionMongerLLC will house: Brand Managment for Fashion designers, Boutiques and Art Galleries/ Artists; Styling services by Irina V.Mitchell: Editorial, personal, and celebrity; upon request and availability, and a new ground breaking boutique, starting with online , physical location under development as well! SocietyBitch will be a boutique like none other: not based on a "Generic formula road of high-end stores". This Boutique will feature couture, designer, runway, one of a kind, as well as affordable fashion: It will be bold, fearless, Fashion Forward and not geared toward "safe commercial success"!


Irina V. Mitchell

CEO SocietyBitch Boutique

CEO& CFO FashionMongerLLC

Press & Portfolio

Brand Managment

Blade Runner theme shoot featured in Dark Beauty Magazine Issue 36 Creative Director and Stylist

Editorial/Celebrity/Personal Styling

Styling services from celebrity and editorial seasoned Stylist. Designer couture rare finds: runway, one of kind: art and fashion. VintageChanel, Vintage Jewlery and  remarkable clothing pieces. Trendy online boutiques are a dime a dozen, SocietyBitch features everything from couture to affordable newest lines of ready to wear clothing. Carefully curated boutique: don't be on trend, be ahead of the trend. Create your own signature style with the help of an experienced stylist, versed in every aspect of fashion! Styling services available for freelance editorial work, as well as personal styling. Requests for appointments can be submitted via email:

Rates provided upon request. Sample portfolio and press are featured on the website. Detailed portfolio of work provided upon requests. Rates vary based on service request, notice time,  and extent of hourly work. For immediate assistance please call Irina V. Mitchell (215)279-3153, please leave all relevant details and contact information via voicemail or  text. Please be mindful this is for emergency requests only, that are time sensitive. All other inquiries should be submitted via contact email provided. Thank you, I look forward to working with you! 

I. Mitchell

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